The Wellness Quo has partnered with Mednefits to bring preventative care services to employees across Singapore! We are proud to be working with a Singapore-based team that is committed to helping companies take care of their employees. 


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Booking steps: 

>   You will receive an email confirmation of the order 

>   On the day of the session the Mednefits QR code will be sent to you via email

>   Please scan the code using your Mednefits App


Only the following categories conducted by Singaporean Practitioners are offered to Mednefits' clients, purchases of other categories and International Practitioners are not covered by Mednefits. 

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Meditation & Mindfulness | Breathwork
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Psychotherapy & Counselling



Yoga | Pilates | PT | Qi Gong |Tai chi
Nutrition | Herbalism | Homeopathy | Health Coaching
Physiotherapy |Body Psychotherapy | Chiropractic


Mednefits T&Cs
All Mednefits members must make purchases of the products via the unique Mednefits landing page and make payment via the QR code scanning using the Mednefits app after enjoying the sessions in-person. 
Members are also responsible in ensuring that the products they purchased are covered under their own company's benefits entitlement, otherwise they will be responsible for the payment of the services enjoyed if the payment via Mednefits app is not available for the member.


These apply only if purchasing categories that are not listed on this page:

Only one offer can be used per time 
Clients may choose to use the installment payments by Pace