"A lack of healing work in the employee’s personal life, accumulated things from their past or parts of themselves they have not looked at, can often impact their sense of belonging at work"

- Jillian Richardson, connection coach and author


Your employees are your most valuable asset, make them your strategic priority. Join a community of business organizations using TWQ wellbeing services to support their employees.

Benefits of TWQ for your business organization:

  • 1:1 and group support from our trusted Therapists and Practitioners with over 20 years' experience

  • Access to every-day mindfulness and stress-relief techniques

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Improved employee relationships and team communication


Our Wellbeing Packages:

⇢ TWQ Essential 

Access hundreds of holistic wellness sessions from 30 different practices, available 24/7 all in one place at corporate discount rates.

  • 1-1 Sessions online or in-person

  • Self-development through workshops and courses

  • Beautiful holistic wellness retreats globally

  ⇢ TWQ Plus 

  • TWQ Essential  

  • Company Group Sessions (online or in-person) - monthly or annual packages

⇢ TWQ Premium 

  • TWQ Essential  

  • Fully customized Company Group Sessions



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