Posted on 2021-02-15
Joey Joey

Himalayan Singing Bowls Therapy

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Himalayan Singing Bowls Therapy uses vibrational sound energy to induce the body for self-healing when the sound energy enters the cells to unlock any blockages. Sound healing works via entrainment to balance and bring your vibrational energy to optimum levels, to allow your body's innate healing ability to be activated. We start off with a chat to find out the issues you would like the healing session to focus on. You will lie down facing up surrounded by the bowls to enjoy the selected sequences. During your therapy, there might be release symptoms, you might enter a state of altered consciousness in Theta state, or fall into Delta deep sleep. Each experience is unique to each individual. Fee excludes studio space rental or home space energy cleansing fee if deemed necessary. Booking date and time will be set with mutually agreeable schedule upon contact.

- Joey, rainbowlsnreiki


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