Posted on 2020-08-28
Kuan Nee Kuan Nee

1:1 Personalized Consult

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On the first consult, we will look at your lifestyle, understanding your issues that have been bothering you and your preferences. Lifestyle here pertains to you, your environment and your day to day routines.

During the second consult, I will share with you personalized formulations that are best suited to your issues. I will guide you on how to source and blend these products so you can continuously blend for yourself for your entire lifetime!

The next 2 consults are focused on helping you improve the blends if modifications are needed, following up on your improvements, experience as well as answering any questions that you may have.

Some of the issues that Aromatherapy has a place include headaches, migraines, fatigue, sleep, allergies, low immunity, anxiety, chronic pain, stomach issues and many other stress-related issues.

My goal is to ensure you are able to support yourself throughout your lifetime with Aromatherapy which is why, together with this personalized 1:1 consult, you will also be given free access to The Seed Effect program, my unique methodology to blending for personal healing based on a combination of science and art of knowing yourself! This is on top of the recordings for all your consults so you can return back to it at anytime!

- Kuan Nee, Havaroma