Posted on 2021-03-18
Adrian Adrian

Workplace Back+Neck Therapy

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Spend an hour with your trainer, Adrian, through a session of self-healing, reversing the damage and pain caused by prolonged sitting at the workplace, or at home.

Learn the causes of common neck, shoulder and back issues; how to prevent them; and most importantly, how to fix them. You have never been through a course like this!

What you will gain from this course:

✅ Learn proper sitting and standing postures for life-long spinal health
✅ Learn common causes of self-inflicted spinal degeneration and damage
✅ Gain the secrets of a COMPLETE system of self-therapy covering from the neck to the feet that can be easily done at home or the workplace, without leaving your desk!
✅ Gain access to printable cheat sheets with a step-by-step guide on the therapy techniques (so that you don’t have to remember them!)
✅ Learn effective breathing and calming techniques to control work stress
✅ Save thousands of RM from medical therapy, medicine, and lost hours at work and improve productivity!
✅ NO medicines, supplements or gadgets involved. Just you and your work chair!
✅ Start leading a healthier, happier and pain-free life NOW!

Only USD180 for a class of up to 20 participants. Both in-office and Zoom class available. Bring a healthier life to your organization NOW!


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