Posted on 2020-10-18
Andleen Andleen

NLP Mindset Coaching

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As a Licensed Master NLP Coach, I have the capacity to draw on many techniques including hypnosis for your journey of self-discovery and adjusting your mindset to catapult you to another level.

Whether you are feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed or suffer from varying forms of anxiety, be it in your relationships, your career, health or in general, we will work together to ensure you have the right mindset for whatever outcome you desire for yourself.

Below is a selection of my expertise and what to expect from our sessions beyond the usual coaching models that I also fully customise to help you create the transformation that’s right for you, because we all know that one model doesn’t fit all and we are all unique.

Timeline Therapy
- to release stuck negative emotions from the past

Healing the Mother Wound
– the burden and responsibility that is passed down from one generation to the next through subconscious means. The mother is the introductory model we use for all our communication in building relationships with everyone around us

Contemplative Visualisation
– a powerful technique to receive your gifts through connection of your past circumstances

Emergence Technique
– the use of clean language that brings forth your deepest thinking and feelings

Hypnosis for Healing
– no entertainment value here! This is serious stuff to instruct your subconscious what it needs to do to get the results you desire

Fast Phobia Cure
– quashing everyday phobias as well as certain events connected to traumatic events in your life

Alignment and Anchoring
– when you feel in sync with your inner self, you are anchored in a way that allows you take the risks you never thought possible

Seeking Compelling Goals
– there are goals that you will come with and there will be goals that you weren’t even aware that existed until we do the work to uncover them!

- Andleen, Mindnomads


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