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  • Somatic Depth Therapy Physiotherapy |Body Psychotherapy | Chiropractic
  • $222.00  / hour


The body is our starting place for healing and transformation, as it reveals to us our immediate truth.

This modality takes an empowering and gentle approach to psychotherapy. Our body reveals the state on our psyche through symptoms, movement, breath and sensation. In the session, you will be guided safely into the body to listen to its messages and communicate with our unconscious. My role as your guide is to safely lead you into, through, and out of the process. We will process and bring understanding to what you experience.

We have neuroses and other symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, addictions when we do not attend to our unconscious needs. They demand for our attention through an urgent cry with these disruptions to daily life.

The goal of Somatic Depth Therapy is to support you in uncovering the root causes of these disruptive symptoms or physical pains, to experience a richer quality of life through knowing yourself deeply.

"The unconscious is where the psyche resides, so exploring the contents of the unconscious will support us in communicating with our psyche."