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Listing summary

  • 12-weeks Health Transformation Program Nutrition | Herbalism | Homeopathy | Health Coaching
  • $100.00  / hour


My program will be able to help you to lose some amount of fat while building strength, energy, and confidence in a sustainable and enjoyable manner. And for these 90 days, I will be your personal coach, your tutor, menu planner, friend, encourager, and resource to help you feel and look at your best!

Highlights of my program:
* Personal health coaching offered by a trained nutrition and fitness coach
* Weekly calls/zoom meetings offering knowledge and skills development that is essential in helping you to achieve your health goals i.e. ‘Personalised Meal Planning’, ‘Mindful Eating’ etc.
* Guided personalized meal plans based on your requirements and lifestyle
* Daily Essential Kit that consists of products to address any nutritional deficiency so that your body will be in an optimal state for a lifestyle change
* Daily online/text communication for close follow-up and problem-solving
* Weekly progress tracking to refine goals and action plans

- Tien Yong