Posted on 2021-02-15
Joey Joey

Himalayan Singing Bowls Sonic Massage

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Singing Bowls Sound Massage uses the theory that vibrations free trapped energy stored in the body. The bowls placed strategically on the body when hit will produce rhythmic pulsations that is sent through the body, massaging the cells, releasing stored tension. The frequencies emitted by the bowls calms and draws the brain into a meditative state, inducing self-healing. Massage can be using 1 or several bowls. We may also incorporate the use of Monolini on your body, as well as Body Tuners Tuning Forks, depending on requirements. You will lie facing up or down, depending on which areas require attention. Each experience is unique to each individual. Fee excludes studio space rental or home space energy cleansing if deemed necessary. Booking date and time will be set with mutually agreeable schedule upon contact.

- Joey, rainbowlsnreiki


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