Wellness Seekers  

Why should I use the Wellness Quo?

The Wellness Quo allows you to find and book licensed holistic health practitioners in over 20 modalities in Europe and Asia. You can choose between hundreds of practitioners depending on the price range that suits you and book video appointments from the comfort of your home. 

Is The Wellness Quo free for me?

The Wellness Quo platform is always free for users, the only time we ask you to pay is when you decide to book a video appointment with one of our Practitioners. 

Do I have to create an account to use your services? 

Booking appointments with our Practitioners requires you to create an account. If you wish to simply browse through our directory or blog you don’t need an account. 

Can I meet with Practitioners in person?   

At the moment we only offer virtual (video) appointments. 

Can I refer a Practitioner I don’t see on the list?

Of course you can, just send them the link to our website and they can sign up directly!

I don’t see a Practitioner who speaks my language or is in my area?

If you can’t find a Practitioner that speaks your language or suits your health concerns please email us and let us know which language/area you are looking for. 

Alternatively, if you know a Practitioner that you think is suitable for the platform, send them the link to our website so they can sign up! 

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept debit and credit card payments. 

Do I need to inform you when the video appointment or order is complete?

Yes - after completing your video appointment with the Practitioner or receiving your order you need to confirm it in your TWQ profile.

Do you accept insurance? 

This depends on your insurance provider. Please get in touch with them and explain what you’d like to use it for. 

How can I address a conflict between a practitioner and I? 

TWQ understands that there may be misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your Practitioner. In ths case please reach out with the following information at hello@thewellnessquo.com:  

  • Account Username

  • Order number

  • Pracitioner Name

  • Date of Incident

  • Incident Issue

  • Your expected outcome of this resolution


Technical Issues & Account 

I forgot my password? 

Please click here to reset your password. 

How can I delete my account? 

You can do so on your "Account" tab. You will find "Delete My Account" at the bottom of the page.



What are the benefits of listing my practice on the platform?

The Wellness Quo is here to help you do what you do best by connecting you with holsitic health & wellness seekers. With us, you get new clients, increase your credibility and remove unnecessary admin. 

For a full list of benefits, please click here

How do I promote my service or E-product? 

Please follow this link to create a Practitioner account. Before you can promote a session we will ask you to upload some documents such as your qualifications and client reviews.

Can I offer both virtual and in-person sessions? 

At the moment we only offer virtual (video) appointments. In-person sessions are coming very soon :) 

What documents do I need to upload when creating an account? 

We will ask you to provide the following documents as part of our vetting process: 

  • Scanned copy of your ID (it can be a picture too) 

  • Scanned copy of your Qualifications and Certifications 

  • 3 Customer reviews and links to those reviews

What can I list on the platform?

You can list any virtual sessions or workshops including 1:1 and group ones that fit one or more holistic health modalities we cover on the platform. You can also list other virtual products such as e-books or e-courses. 

I don’t see my practice listed on the platform? 

Please contact us at hello@thewellnessquo.com with Subject line “Add a new modality” sharing a little bit about the modality or practice you would like to add to the platform. 

In the meantime choose the category that is the closest to your practice. 

Can I list physical products or in-person workshops or classes? 

At the moment, we don’t accept physical products or in-person activities. You can, however, list any virtual products you have such as e-books, e-guides, virtual workshops or courses. 

How do I complete or edit my profile? 

Please follow this link to complete your profile. If you have any questions, message us on live chat or email at hello@thewellnessquo.com.

Do you offer video-conferencing for the sessions? 

We do not currently have an in-built video-conferencing solution although it is in our pracititioner solution line ups for the future. Please use your own zoom or google-meet accounts, otherwise we are happy to help create a link to assist you and ease your workload; just drop us an email.

Who informs you when the video appointment or order is complete?

This is done by the Customer in their profile. After completing your video appointment with the Customer and/or them receiving your E-product you can remind them to confirm it in their profile. 

How do I get paid? 

Your customers will pay the goods or services by transferring money to a third-party payment solution - Stripe. The money is held by this third-party till the service/order is completed. The money is then transferred to you and our commissions is released to us.

Do I need to sign up with Stripe to get paid? 

 No, you don't need to sign up with Stripe to get paid.

What are your fees? 

It's free to join and list your practice! We only ask for a commission when we get you a client! 

  • Regular Sessions - One-Time Referral Fee of US$ 30 and 8% on subsequent sales

  • Workshops - 10%

  • E-Products - 20%



Where are you based? 

The Wellness Quo is a registered company in Singapore, No. 202020318H.
Our PO Box 1722, is Robinson Road Post Office, Singapore 903422.

How do you make money? 

We have a commission fee structure in place that allows us to cover the transaction provider’s cost, our own business costs and pay our employees. 

Who can I contact about press or partnerships?

Please email us at hello@thewellnessquo.com with with subject “Press” or “Partnerships”.